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About Us

Web has modified everything. Gone are those days of business within boundaries of brick and mortar. Offers depart to the constraints of those days and open your eyes to latest and energizing method for maintaining your business on the web. The boundaries in the middle of "customary" and "electronic" trade will become progressively obscured as more businesses; be it a real estate, travel agency, garment business, export house, business consultancy, technology company and so on are moving parts or entire of their operation onto the Internet

Who we are

Roshan Industries which is basically a vertical specific ecommerce web site provides various types of tech product and accessories like mobile, tablet, laptop and computer accessories. We can help your business flourish in the 21st century. We always try to bring you high quality, gorgeous product in affordable price tags. To do this job perfectly, we have a team of skilled professional and experienced designer. At Roshan Industries “Heykart”, our main aim is to make out customer fully satisfied.

We always desire to give our customers the best product which is furnished with high technology because we never compromise with quality.

Our aim

We started selling such type of products like tech product and also accessories like mobile accessories, tablet accessories etc online in 2008. Today phone manufacturers were mainly focused of creating some of the great and really cool devices but there is lacking of one which is availability of proper accessories. We always survey the overall market and perfectly understand there were numerous individual looking for accessories for their expensive and high technology phones & our devices but there wasn't one common place to get it.

Since seven years here we are in the market... serving out spotless service to the niche market for any tech device which presently includes smart phones, tablets, and e-books and also there accessories. We provide all mobile accessories like mobile cases and covers, screen protectors, Bluetooth, headsets galore, speakers, and many more and most of them are high quality. Not only that we are also one of the best provider of beauty product. We generally tied up with renowned some beauty brand, that’s why you can get all type of beauty product in our online store

At Roshan Industries, We source latest tech products daily to maintain the trends but will also provide out client all the tested and true favorites. Our target is very simple. To make Roshan Industries “Heykart” a one-stop shop any latest tech product and accessories and also beauty product, so that we are proud to provide everything under one umbrella.

Roshan Industries is owned by Roshan Industries which is basically a public listed organization operating in E-commerce business of tech product in India!

Why Roshan Industries?

If you attached with us, we promise you the devoted professionalism of our group, which will stop relentlessly to envision your incredible thoughts into Deliverables , prodded by all your key goals. On a Kindly note, we would like to weight on the way that ,Our group simply cherish what they do. We just dependably verify that they have the instruments, the space and the backing to tackle the difficulties. It sounds extremely basic however we like to keep it that basic. Our objective is to work with the world's most creative personalities. We just don't chip away at your errands, we convey your Ideas.