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Terms & Conditions

1. The right to amend any policies under the applicable terms and conditions rest solely with the company which, it may use at any time it feels right. When the Independent representatives engage in any dealing with the manufacturer, they are responsible for staying updated with the latest modifications in the company’s policy, if any, as may be published in the official documents given out by the Roshan Industries.

1.1. To become an independent representative and access a Commission Payable Account, an individual has to necessarily fulfill the following criteria:

1.2. He or she should be 18 years of age or more.

1.3. He or she should have someone as a referrer.

1.4. He or she must essentially and truthfully fill up the application form available on online on the company’s website.

1.5. The form duly completed, needs to be printed and signed by the applicant, and should be sent over to the company’s office by post as early as possible. Also, he or she needs to attach a copy of the following documents with the application form:

1.5.1. Permanent Account Number (PAN card).

1.5.2. Photo identity proof.

1.5.3. Proof of residence.

2. If any other entity, other than an individual applicant, in interested in being a partner of the company, he or she has to be transparent in disclosing all the details of the business, which includes, share holders, business partners or trustees, if any, of the same.

3. If any individual representative has registered or applied with a number of online application forms, the one which was the first form with all details will be considered for application.

4. It is at discretion of the Roshan Industries “Heykart” to grant a customer of any applicant, the status of Individual Representative. The decision of the company in this regard will be final and binding and cannot be challenged or questioned. The company is not bound to give an explanation for rejecting the applicant’s form. Also, only those applications will be entertained which have been received by the company via post, duly signed and complete, along with a copy of all the documents.

5. On the receipt and acceptance of an individual as an Individual Representative, he or she will be given a Unique Identification Number, which has to be used in any future correspondence with the Roshan Industries to avoid any confusion thereby.

6. The individual representative gets a number of benefits, including discounted purchases, access to company’s literature, non-exclusive right to market company’s products.

7. It is to be noted that all Individual Representatives are bound by certain legal mandatory procedures which they strictly need to adhere to. Any breach attempt will be dealt as per the law.